Testimonials from both parents and teachers:

Theo Goldsborough, Father of two, Leamington Spa

Mike’s greatest gifts are clarity and simplicity. The tools and techniques are really easy to use. We’ve taken lots of them forward and used them to encourage positive behaviour and thinking in our two children. The videos are clear and immediately applicable to everyday life and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mike’s course to other parents.

Gemma Ions, Mother of two, Northumberland

I found the course was very easily transferred into my son’s everyday learning at home. The fact that the course is broken down into clear sections meant I wasn’t feeling overwhelmed with new information. The guides and cheat sheets make referring back to the material for ideas a quick job when trying to help my son with his homework. I was pleased to see that some of your ideas I was already using, for example the way my son and I read his books together. So although a few of the ideas weren’t new to me, it gave me an understanding to why they were a good way to help him.

Stephanie Swan, Mother of one, London

I found Mike’s course to be a really fantastic way to support my young son Samuel’s development. The course itself is very easy to follow and gave me some practical strategies that I could work on with him. It’s had a really positive impact on my confidence in how to approach learning effectively with him on an ongoing basis.

Arani Mylvaganam, Mother of two, Oxfordshire

The course contains a treasure trove of usable and relatable information for busy parents to support their children’s learning outside the classroom. I was really impressed with all the written resources, which are underpinned by the clear and accessible videos, which talk you through each area. The material is broken down into manageable chunks and I’ve managed to integrate lots of advice and tools into day-to-day life. Thank you!

Gren Thompson, Father of two, London

The course is really clear and well structured. For me, the most valuable parts of it were the practical ideas of activities to do with your child. Perhaps that is just exposing my own lack of imagination. But there’s definite value in having an expert offer you a load of different ideas for positive/useful things to do with your child.

Angie Thompson, Mother of two, London

The course is really easy to read and watch. The practical strategies are great. It’s also helpful to build up parents’ confidence by showing them how much they already do, and then explain the theory and how they can build upon what they are doing (again, the practical strategies are great).

Louise Geoghegan, Primary school teacher, Manchester

The way the programme is structured allows parents to access the areas they feel are relevant to their child. As a teacher, I feel it’s a good way to direct their children’s extra learning, especially at the crossroads of deciding whether a home tutor might be required. A great learning tool, especially in the current unsettled climate of online learning.

Benn Cordrey, Secondary school teacher, Cheshire

Each section concisely provides straightforward advice to help your child get the most out of your time. They’re clearly labelled, to-the-point and brief enough to fit around a busy schedule. They can also be completed in any order and you can easily keep an eye on your progress.