Sample Videos

Start Exploring the Course For Yourself

Video 1: What is learning?

In the opening video of the course, we begin to explore what learning is, and what this means for you and your child. Mike explains the relationship between skills, knowledge and understanding and how this underpins your child’s learning journey. The opening video also helps you reflect on what learning has meant for you through your life.

Video 2: The Golden Rules

The second video introduces the three golden rules every parent can follow to help their child to learn. These golden rules are fundamental to all aspects of the course. Each one is clearly explained and connected to the kind of experiences parents have with their children. This helps you to make sense of the course, and the key messages, early on, giving you a great platform from which to explore the rest of the content.

Video 3: Intrinsic v Extrinsic Motivation

In the third video, we turn our attention to motivation, and think about how parents can help their children develop an intrinsic desire to learn. One of the most important aspects of learning, motivation plays a crucial role in helping your child to sustain their effort, energy and enthusiasm over time. Here we examine how intrinsic motivation can help any child to persist in the face of challenges and overcome any obstacles they might face in their learning.