Bulk Licenses – Local Authorities

Local authorities can purchase a license entitling them to a specific number of courses they can distribute to parents or schools within their region. Random coupon codes are generated that can be redeemed against the course.

Schools can distribute these codes to selected parents or local authorities can distribute them directly. For example, giving free course access to parents who have children with specific learning needs, or parents who have children who are struggling to access the mainstream curriculum. Parents then use the coupon codes to access the course for free, the local authority having already paid for the license. This means local authorities can provide the course for as many or as few parents as they wish, and those parents gain access to the course for as long as they wish.

Example – Local Authority

The education directorate of a large semi-urban local authority wants to provide parents with expert support they can use to help their children to learn. To ensure equity, staff at the local authority contact all primary schools in the region with an offer of up to ten course places for parents who the schools believe would most benefit from gaining access to the course. Fifteen schools respond and ask to take up the offer.

The local authority purchases 150 course places, at a cost of £90 + VAT per course. They receive an invoice from Gershon Learning Limited for the full amount, along with a set of 150 randomly generated, unique coupon codes. Each coupon code gives one parent free access to the course. The local authority distributes the coupon codes to the fifteen primary schools who, in turn, distribute these to parents.

This approach means the local authority can quickly and effectively support parents who are most in need of help. Working collaboratively with Gershon Learning Limited and the primary schools in their region, the local authority can provide swift access to the course, giving a large cohort of parents the support they need to help their children to learn. This leads to parents gaining confidence at the same time as they develop their skills, knowledge and understanding. The knock-on effect is that children become better learners and find it easier to engage positively with the formal school curriculum.

Bulk Purchase Prices (minimum 60% discount on retail cost)

0 – 30              £100 + VAT per course

31 – 60             £95 + VAT per course

61+                    £90 + VAT per course

150+                  Contact for details

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