Bulk Licenses – Businesses

Businesses can purchase a license entitling them to a specific number of courses they can distribute to employees within their organisation. Random coupon codes are generated that can be redeemed against the course.

Businesses can distribute these codes to selected employees who have children aged between 5 and 11. Parents then use the coupon codes to access the course for free, the business having already paid for the license. This means businesses can provide the course for as many or as few employees as they wish, helping them to give their children the best support possible.

Example – Banking Group

A large banking group wants to add the course to its existing employee benefits programme. The banking group runs a campaign internally promoting the course to employees and offering the opportunity to purchase on a 50/50 basis. 500 parents express an interest. The banking group gets in touch with Gershon Learning Limited and agrees a reduced course price taking account of the large volume. The banking group purchases 500 courses. Half the costs are met by the bank, as an employee benefit. Half the costs are met by the parents who expressed an interest in the course.

The bank receives 500 randomly generated, unique coupon codes. These are distributed to parents, who use the codes to access the course. The banking group sets up an online community group to supplement the course experience. Here, parents can share their ideas, questions and successes with one another, adding a social element to the programme.

Example – Local Family-Run Business

A local, family-run business employing fifty people wants to provide an additional employee benefit to the fifteen parents within the company who have children aged between five and eleven. They get in contact with Gershon Learning Limited and purchase access to the course for their fifteen employees. They receive fifteen unique, randomly generated coupon codes their employees can use to access the course for free. This means the business can simply and effectively provide relevant, useful support to their employees, at a low cost, creating a win-win outcome for the business and its employees.

Bulk Purchase Prices (minimum 60% discount on retail cost)

0 – 30              £100 + VAT per course

31 – 60             £95 + VAT per course

61+                    £90 + VAT per course

150+                  Contact for details

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